A dog is a living creature that will turn your world upside down. A small

puppy requires care, patience and solid upbringing. It will pee at home for

4-5 months. It will bite your favorite shoes, autographed discs, books and

newspapers if you do not hide them. It will require attention – everyday

games and walks. Is it raining outside? You have to go out with your dog!

Is it a snowstorm? You have to go out with your dog! There is no mercy …

An adult, raised dog is the source of happiness of joy and daily dose of

positive energy. A friend for 15 years. What will you do with a dog during

the holidays? Do you have a family that will take care of him when you’re

away? If you are not home 10 hours a day, the dog is not for you.

Veterinarian, drugs, dog food, dog hairdresser – are you sure you can

afford such expenses? The price of buying a dog is just the beginning.

   If you still want to have a dog, I invite you to read further.