West Highland White Terrier is a small dog, but with a lot of temperament.

It should not be bought as a companion for young children under 7 years

old. Perfect for a companion of an older child, teenager, adult or older


Westie like walks and games, they are usually obedient, but as hunting dogs

they like to chase cats and birds. They are also pugnacious and can be

barking, but a lot depends on upbringing. They are not “toy” dogs, although

they love to cuddle, they will be happy to accompany watching TV or reading

a book as a small heater.

They do not require very much physical activity. Do you want to go on a

further walk? Cool! Have you had a hard day and prefer to go near your home

and then laze around? OK, but we have to play with a ball.

They do not lose their coat, but require trimming (removing a dead hair)

from a dog’s hairdresser every two months. They are recommended for people

prone to allergies.

The breed is prone to allergies – they can not be fed anything. Dry food is

not a good solution. The food should be of good quality and suitable for


   To sum up: Westie is a small tough guy – a hug, always ready for action.

Requires visits to the hairdresser. This is not a dog for everyone, the

future owner must be consistent, then his westie will be the most wonderful

dog on the Earth.