My adventure with dogs began in the eighties. As a child, I got a mongrel,

a wonderful dog – the mix of a Polish Lowland Sheepdog and a Poodle. Ami

lived in our family of a noble age of 14, he was a source of true love and

an undying friendship.

     After setting up my own family, the dog appeared in our home almost

instantly. It was Alaskan Malamute INDY Zima Inuitów (aka Indy). At that

time, we did not think about dog shows or breeding. Our friends have

persuaded us to the first “show” in Warsaw and …. it happened – we caught

the bug. We quickly managed to make a Junior Champion of Poland, however,

for a few years we have stopped our hobby because of family duties and

everyday life. Indy lived 12 years, he was defeated by cancer. We have many

wonderful and funny memories of our life together. Alaskan Malamutes are

difficult dogs that require consistency, activity, time and company of

other dogs. Alaskan Malamute is a breed for strong and active people.

     The day I said goodbye to Indy, I knew that I needed a dog to live.

After two years a decision was made – the dog will be against our home.

This time, we carefully thought through the criteria for choosing the

breed. The dog was supposed to be small (up to 10kg), moderately active but

with character, “hypoallergenic” and of course beauty (which is a relative

term). We chose West and it was the best choice. The first dog appeared

CEZAR Biale Aniolki (aka Caesar), then the female JUST A Devil in Disguise

(aka Kleo). Currently in our home there is a wonderful female TRUSTY FROM

Amber Coast (aka Trusty) from the T litter.